Bulletproof Security Upgrade

Our security infrastructure is made up of mulitple mechanisms that help keep your website
(and your visitors) safe from annoying viruses and aggravating malware.


That’s what we have to say about websites being infected or injected with malicious scripts that glean info at every click. It’s unfortunate, but protecting your website against persistant attacks is a must in todays wild-west web environments. Your website may be vulnerable to a variety of security risks which can hinder you business, result in loss of profits, theft of information, search engine black listing, and potential downtime for your website.

Fraser Valley Web Design - Bulletproof Security Upgrade
What makes my website susceptible?
  • Vulnerabilities in your web software and plugins.
  • Out of date web software and plugins.
  • Poor password phrases.
  • Incorrect file and folder permissions on your hosting environment.
  • Lack of file, server, or administrative security checks and balances.
  • Lack of real-time connection monitoring.
How Can We Help
  • Real-time checks for malware and viruses in your website.
  • Real-time monitoring of unauthorized changes in your content, DNS, WhoIS, and SSL certificates.
  • Hourly core site and database back ups.
  • Specialized web-security software and plug-in upgrades (when available).
  • Firewall protection (prevention of unauthorized users searching your delicate files and folders).
  • Ninjas hiding, ready to attack.

"In today's business environment, partnering with a solid, dependable media-solutions company is more than just a smart decision - it's a necessity."